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Business Process Round Table

This page provides information on the activities related to the Business Process Round Table. Prof. Marlon Dumas and Toomas Saarsen organised the first roundtable in 2012, when the business process management conference was held in Tallinn. We met the process managers of many organisations, with whom we had cooperated before and decided to start the round table discussions. In the first years, the format of the event comprised visiting the organisations – each round table took place in a different organisation where development specialists introduced their experiences in business process management. Over the years, the number of participants increased, and the round tables began to be conducted on more specific subjects. In addition to practitioners, topics of the world of BPM have been covered also by researchers from various universities. We have conducted more than 40 BPM round table events by now, and more than 500 people from a few hundred organisations have joined the circle. The business process round table has come about and operates in cooperation with all of us.

Matters related to business process management have constituted my work and hobby for more than 20 years. I have been involved in this field both in practice and in theory. I worked in IT- and consultancy companies (Aprote, CGI Eesti) for almost 20 years. The projects of these times were focused on process analysis and data management, and making recommendations on changing the working arrangements of the analysed organisation and introducing software. Many institutions began to use the business process models that we had prepared as internal documentation – process models became a part of the knowledge base of the institution. This led to the topic of my doctoral thesis – On the Structure and Use of Process Models and Their Interplay. I started my PhD studies in 2011 at the University of Tartu in the research group of prof. Marlon Dumas, and defended my thesis in 2017. Today, I’m a lecturer at the University of Tartu teaching process management and information visualisation, and doing research and consultancy projects in parallel.


Toomas Saarsen

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